The Library is the heart of any academic institution. A Library is a trinity of documents, users and staff. It is the staff, who, by their service bring the users in contact with the documents.

The X-TECH motto is “the joy of excellence in a world of high technology” and this is reflected in all aspects of the library operations as well.

The X-TECH Library is situated on the first floor of the new building and includes the Reference section and the Reading Room.

Objectives of the library

· To provide materials needed for the courses in the Polytechnic.
· To provide materials needed by the teaching staff to keep them up-to-date in their field of study.
· To provide reading materials to students and staff to meet their educational, informational and recreational needs.

Library Personnel – One Librarian
- One Library Attendant

Library Timings – 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays.

Scope of the Library – As you are all aware, St. Xavier's Technical Institute has a large library . The library collection is in two main academic streams – Electronics and Computers. This includes divisions and sub-divisions, moving from general to specific, to provide you with the minutest detail on the smallest topic.

Library Profile - The library collection, includes the following
Books – Text books and Reference books
Data books
Project books – for mini projects and major projects
Books for general reading and personality development
Dictionaries, Encyclopedia etc.
Books for Aptitude tests and Entrance tests.
The collection of books alone stands at 10,961.

Reference section – The reference section of the library includes such books whose cost is not covered in the Caution Money deposit, data books and project books. Magazines and Examination paper files are also included in the reference section.
Although these cannot be taken home, Xerox copies can be made whenever required.

Magazines – The X-TECH Library subscribes to a number of magazines like Electronics for You, Elektor Electronics, Computer Express etc. These are generally useful to the students for their major and minor projects.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) – Due to our affiliation with IGNOU, the X-TECH Library has a number of books related to the B.I.T. and A.D.I.T courses. Examination paper files are also available for reference.

Students of the B.I.T /A.D.I.T course will pay a Caution Money Deposit of Rs. 1000/- and a fee of Rs. 300/- per year.

Centre for Management of Information Technology (CMIT)
Due to our affiliation with CMIT, the library keeps and issues a number of books on topics related to the CMIT curriculum. These books are also available to X-TECH students. These include –

· Management – Personnel, Business, Marketing, Finance,
· Economics,
· Politics,
· History
· Literature
· Fiction and Non-fiction.

Book Bank Scheme - The X-TECH Library also has a scheme of book lending for students of the D.E.R.E. and D.E.V.E courses. According to the system, a student is allowed to take a set of six books as prescribed by the syllabus. These books are to be used for one semester and have to be returned back within 15 days of the last examination.

Rules and Regulations
Two Library cards will be issued per student. These are not to be exchanged. Students should affix a stamp size photograph on each of the cards. In case of loss of Library cards, the Librarian should be immediately informed. Duplicate Library cards will be issued after an application has been made for the same, signed by the Librarian against a payment of Rs. 5/-

Books issued from the Library may be kept for 7 consecutive days only (or less, in case the books are in demand). No student will be allowed to keep more than 2 books. Magazines, Examination Paper files and Reference books are to be returned on the same day itself, failing which a fine of Rs.1/- will be charged per day, inclusive of holidays.

If a student for any reason whatever fails to return books or magazines, in due time, a fine of Re. 1/- will be charged per book per day of delay, inclusive of holidays.

Additional Caution Money Receipt - The X-TECH Library has a number of books which are presently not given out to students; they are only for Reference. We wish to make these books available to students who can take them for one week. They must pay an Additional Caution Money Deposit of Rs. 500/- to the General Office. One Additional Library Card will be issued and only ONE book will be issued at a time. This must be returned within one week.

Open Access System – The X-TECH library plans to introduce the Open Access system for students of the D.E.V.E. Final Year and the D.E.R.E. Final Year on an experimental basis. If successful it will gradually be extended to include other streams.

Rules for open Access-

· The student should possess the Identity card at all times.
· No books, bags etc. will be allowed inside.
· Complete silence is to be observed.
· Books should be shelved in their proper places. This is very important to ensure the success of the scheme.
· The Library staff can restrict the number of students availing of this scheme.
· The decision of the Library staff will be final and binding.

Library Automation - The X-TECH library is partly automated and uses the SLIM software – System For Library And Information Management for Accessions, Stock taking, Search and Retrieval of Information and partly for Circulation.

Thus the X-TECH Library aims to fulfill the objectives of the Institute in satisfying the user’s quest for knowledge and helps them reach broader horizons.

In conclusion one can quote –

      Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure ,
      Books are gates to lands of pleasure-
Books are paths that upward lead ;
      Books are friends, come let us read !!!

Need for libraries
Current topics
Additional reading
Projects and assignments
Scope for career development
General reading – recreational
Inspirational, educational

Reservation of books currently in circulation
SLIM – Search can be done by author, title, keyword etc.

Reading Room
For individual study and short time study
Arrangement of the books on the shelves

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